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I'm excited to present a unique opportunity for you to take part in my first-ever Shaving Master Class for Barbers. These methods have been tested and perfected throughout my career and I am seeking feedback from attendees to fine-tune the content for future classes.

Secure your spot early for this exclusive, one-time-only offering at just $150, as seats are expected to fill up fast. Let’s take our skills together to the next level!

*Attendees will experience Burke Avenue's products through hands-on education, and enjoy exclusive discounts, accompanied with light refreshments and prizes. Don't miss out!

At the end of class you will have gained skills in:

identify & advise

Recognizing shaving irritation on your clients immediately, and the ability to provide tailored shaving and skincare recommendations.

tailored shaves

Customizing each shave based on individual beard growth patterns and skin sensitivities.

pre & post shave mastery

Understanding the fundamentals of skin responses to preparation, shaving, and post-shave routines.


Establishing a dedicated and loyal client base with a strong reputation in your community as a trusted expert in shaving and skincare.



Craig Whitely, also known as Craig the Barber®, is a trailblazer in men's grooming with over 15 years of experience. He founded the influential blog and launched the acclaimed Burke Avenue skincare line, featuring products like the award-winning Moisturizing Shave Cream.

Renowned for his expertise in addressing common shaving concerns and his contributions to men's skincare, Craig's insights and innovations have made him a respected authority in the grooming industry.

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