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Oil Free Hair? Try Beer.

Yeah I said it…!

I bet you didn’t know that one way to cut the excess oil buildup is to wash your hair with lemon juice (1 lemon + 1 cup or water); however, my favorite is a beer wash. Beer gets the scalp squeaky clean, and leaves your hair shiny and oil free!

Not into depleting your college football stash? Well, here are a few other ways to keep the oily hair at bay…

  1. Cool it. – Long exposure to heat, vigorous brushing or combing stimulates the scalp to produce more oil. Try limiting the time you use the blow dryer, and see if you can’t achieve your ideal hairstyle in fewer strokes.

  2. Raise your PH. – try a shampoo with a higher pH since they are specifically created for oily hair. The easiest way to find them is to look for the labels designated, “for oily hair.”

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