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Craig The Barber®

Craig, a professional barber, and men's grooming expert, is renowned for delivering exceptional service in shaving and hair-cutting. He is also the founder of the award-winning men's skincare line, Burke Avenue.

About Me

Craig  Whitely – professionally known as Craig the Barber®, has been the visionary expert in men's grooming with over 15 years of unmatched experience in shaving and hair-cutting. Fueling his insatiable thirst for education, he founded the renowned blog (2009-2017), offering invaluable grooming tips from a barber's perspective.


Inspired by the real concerns of Craig's personal clients and the enthusiastic readers of his grooming blog, he took a leap and launched his Burke Avenue Shaving Products in 2017. His passion for crafting top-quality grooming essentials resonated with users, and in no time, his Moisturizing Shave Cream earned the prestigious title of Best Shave Cream by Men's Health Magazine. 


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Virtual Services

Ever experienced the sting of razor burn, the frustration of uneven skin tone, or the annoyance of those persistent ingrown hairs? Do you dream of a close, lasting shave without the ever-present threat of irritation? I completely understand, and I'm here to help.


From the comfort of your home, let me be the guide on your journey to perfecting your grooming routine. Together, we'll master the art of shaving and design a personalized skincare regimen crafted especially for you. Bid farewell to everyday grooming hurdles and embrace a refreshing, refined experience you'll look forward to. Join me on this transformative journey, enhancing both your appearance and confidence. Ready to make the change?


What’s Included:

1hr Video Consultation
Re-cap Email w/ Shaving & Skincare Recommendations
20 min - Follow-up video call (30 days later)

Price: $250.00

Schedule a call with me today!


Burke Avenue

Burke Avenue is an award-winning premier shaving brand for men, founded by Craig the Barber, a renowned master barber, and grooming expert. Drawing on his extensive experience and expertise, as well as the real-life concerns of his clients and readers of his grooming blog, Burke Avenue has developed products that work to naturally combat the negative effects of shaving on the skin.

Our luxurious Moisturizing Shave Cream is enriched with four times the amount of skin-healing oils and butters as other products on the market, helping to repair and rejuvenate the skin after shaving.

Our 3 in 1 Daily Moisturizer, meanwhile, provides immediate relief from irritation, while also nourishing and restoring the skin.


With over 240+ 5-star customer reviews and the prestigious accolade of Best Shave Cream from Men's Health Magazine, Burke Avenue is a trusted name in men's skincare. In fact, the effectiveness of our products is such that even the women in our customers' lives are eager to use them as well!

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