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How Can You Achieve the Ideal Look for Your Face Shape

I. PREP: Moisture Is Key

1. Make sure that your face is wet and moist to the touch, which open pores and softens hair in preparation for shaving.

2. Capture that moisture with your favorite pre-shave oil, which also protects skin from the blade.

3. Follow with a moisture rich shaving cream, preferably a lightly scented brand, as heavily scented products can sometimes irritate sensitive skin.
II. SHAVE: Keep a Light Hand

1. Note the direction of hair growth in the areas you will shave (cheeks, chin, upper lip, etc.)

2. Your first shave pass should always be short strokes with the grain of the hair growth.

3. For areas that require additional attention, take a second pass across the grain, not against.
III. REFRESH: The Final Touch

1. Follow your shave with a cool splash of water to close pores and cool your face.

2. Apply a lightly scented after-shave, that promotes the healing and re-moisturizing of the skin, again staying away from heavily scented products that will dry the skin.