Guide to Face Shapes & Grooming

How You can Achieve the Ideal Look for Your Face Shape

Why Your Face Shape Matters: Have you ever noticed that one man can look great with a goatee and shaved head, while someone else can try the same look with less than favorable results? We always hear that face shapes can help determine the best hat or glasses to wear, and the same is true for facial hair and styling.

A large percentage of men have a square face shape, and it is coincidentally the most ideal and desired shape to work with. (The square face is the male counterpart to the oval face shape for women.) Therefore, when it comes to haircuts and beards, the goal is to square off the face, while taking into consideration any imperfections and how to camouflage them.

OVAL (a very desirable face shape as well)

Face is visually symmetrical. Eyes are evenly spaced, with one eye width distance between them.

  • All Hairstyles

Facial Hair:
  • Goatee
  • Neat moustache
  • Light beard/scruff

A full and round jaw line and a round hairline in many cases.

  • Layered styles with sides close
  • Styles with height to lengthen the face
  • Off centered parted styles
  • Long hair works but stick with one length

Facial Hair:
  • Neat moustache
  • Trimmed beard designed to slim and make the face seem more oval

Wide hairline, broad jaw line and narrow chin.

  • Close to the scalp (i.e. buzz cuts; Keeps top of the head from being the focal point)
  • Cropped styles
  • Both recommended styles should stay away from hard lines that define the hairline

Facial Hair:
  • Full Beards (Trimmed or scruff, designed to take away from the pointed chin)

Squared and broad jaw-line. Forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width.

  • Most hairstyles (However stay with clean squared off lines and NO flattops)

Facial Hair:
  • Goatees
  • Moustaches
  • Neatly trimmed scruff
  • Neat beard with hard lines
  • All designed to maintain and enhance the square jaw

Narrow forehead/hairline and broad jaw line.

  • Full hairstyles
  • Round haircuts with the sides equal to the top
  • Designed to balance the face

Facial Hair:
  • Full beard trimmed to square off the face/also slimming the face

Sides of face are narrow and straight. A slightly rounded chin in many cases.

  • Layered styles
  • Wispy bangs
  • Try to stay away from styles that define the hairline
  • NO - long sideburns

Facial Hair:
  • Neatly shaped moustache (to shorten the face)
  • Neatly trimmed beard (shortening and squaring the face)

Rounded Hairline, wide cheekbones and a narrow chin.

  • Full Bangs (designed to square off the forehead)

Facial Hair:
  • Full Beard (to square off the face and hide the prominent chin)

Craig the Barber is an expert at determining face shapes and the best grooming styles to complement each. He will work with you to determine your face shape (oval, round, triangular, square, pear, oblong/rectangular and square) and show you the best haircut and facial hair to highlight each.

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